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Higher Clairvoyance

Higher Clairvoyance is a system of techniques used by Advanced Clairvoyants. (Everyone has the ability to "see" clairvoyantly and Master Choa's techniques are incredibly simple and easy to use.) The system reveals the hidden laws, principles and ancient secrets which were used not only to develop the so called "Third eye" but also the "Higher Eyes". By utilizing these more precise and sensitive "lenses", you will quickly and safely enhance your sensitivity and awareness to tune in to the aura, chakras and other subtle energies. Allow Master Choa to show you how in just 3 intensive evenings!

Benefits of Consistent Higher Clairvoyance Practice

  • Learn to detect the subtle impulses that precede physical occurrences in your life.
  • Detect diseased energies and unbalanced chakras with your clairvoyant skills.
  • Learn exercises you can practice everyday to continually develop and enhance your psychic powers.
  • Transmission of Clairvoyant Shakti by Master Choa Kok Sui to open your "chakra shutters", and much more...

You will learn:

  • How to model the chakras and energetic patterns of a High Level Clairvoyant.
  • Techniques to increase the opening of your Clairvoyant Eyelids.
  • Simple yet powerful techniques to sensitize your brain cells and to record subtle impressions.
  • The Rainbow Meditation to sensitize your brain to register astral colors.
  • To clairvoyantly observe, the Inner Aura, Health Rays, Outer Aura, Crown, Heart and Basic Chakras of your partner and much more...

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